Sahra Wagenknecht – the German Left-Populist Drawing Support From the Right



Sahra Wagenknecht interviewed by Glen Greenwald

30 January 2023








Sahra Wagenknecht: heroine of German left could become ally of far right

The Guardian | 29 December 2022


She has been compared to iconic political figureheads such as Frida Kahlo and Rosa Luxemburg, as much for her strident leftwing views as for her striking looks.


Sahra Wagenknecht is a household name in Germany and the best-known figure on the far left. The most prominent and outspoken member of the 15-year-old Die Linke party, she has been rattling the Berlin political scene for years with her vague pronouncements that she is planning to form her own breakaway bloc.


Approval ratings are on her side, as are the up to 2 million viewers known to tune in to her regular YouTube broadcasts.


But now the woman revered as something of a heroine of the German left by some is receiving overtures from the far-right Alternative für Deutchland, with party influencers urging her to effectively join forces with them.


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