Russia’s War Against The NWO


Tremregi | 21 September 2022


Putin declares war in a speech to the Russian people and the USA


September 21, 2022, President Putin, in a televised speech to the Russian People, that the USA has been at war with Russia since Yeltsin in the 1990s. He assured them, in no uncertain terms that he would not allow the US to destroy the Motherland and announced a further deployment of Russian troops. What will Blinky, Sullivan, Kagan, Nuland, Generals Austin and Miley do now that they have no more room to wiggle.


Full transcript of Putin’s speech here




Regis Tremblay w/ Ray McGovern


Ray McGovern on the very tight relationship of Russia and China, doing more than just respecting each other’s “core issues,” but creating a multipolar world and the “dispensables” joining and trading in their own currencies.




Regis Temblay w/ Russell Bentley


Russell “Texas” Bentley with a very emotional and impassioned report on the horrors in Donetsk by the Ukrainian military and Nazi battalions. 13 killed today in the center of Donetsk City. We also discussed Russia’s predicament post the Ukrainian offensive.

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