Royal Raymond Rife and Healing Frequencies


Royal Raymond Rife was an American researcher and inventor of the 20th century and the first exponent of high magnification time-lapse cine-micrography. He was awarded 14 prizes and an honorary doctorate. In the early 1900s he discovered that microorganisms could be annihilated by subjecting them to the action of specific frequencies produced by a complex electronic device he invented that used a combination of alternating and direct electric current. The power of square wave resonance and harmonics was also used.

Using a powerful microscope, also conceived and perfected by him, through which he could observe live samples (it was not in fact necessary to fix them on a slide as is still the case today in our modern aboratories) he was able to study the various effects of these electronic frequencies on microorganisms, viruses, protozoa, fungi, bacteria, and cancer cells.

He observed that they were annihilated in many ways: losing their motility, transforming into other forms (this phenomenon, known as “pleomorphism” or the mutation of one organism into another, was also reported by Bechamps , another pioneer of the science of microscopy) or even literally bursting under his eyes, as happens to a crystal glass for the acute of a singer.

He successfully devoted himself to researching the frequencies of diseases and their correlation, unfortunately, following the persecution of mainstream science, most of his work and his frequency generator have been lost.







Royal Rife Machine Genomic Deactivation Pattern Frequencies

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RIFE Frequencies SARS-CoV2 §05 Variants – Experimental Audio Treatment Demo#05



Source: Marco Amadeux Stefanelli


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