Cymatics – Bring Matter To Life With Sound (Full Documentary)


“This is not unregulated chaos; it is a dynamic but ordered pattern”

– Dr. Hans Jenny



Part 1

Introduction by Peter Guy Manners, M.D.



Part 2

The healing nature of sound



Part 3

Application of Cymatic Therapy



Part 4

Experiments In Animation With Sound & Vibration





Hans Jenny and the science of sound: cymatics

Hans Jenny (16 August 1904, Basel – 23 June 1972) was a natural scientist and physician who coined the term cymatics to explain the acoustic impacts of sound wave phenomena. To this field have contributed a number of scholars, that believed sound plays a major role in human life.

The concept of underlying vibrational patterns in the natural world dates back centuries, with Galileo Galilei being cited as an early witness to the phenomenon in his 1632 writings in his Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems. He describes his experiences while scraping a brass plate with a chisel in an attempt to clean it. Galileo saw a high whistling sound as well as parallel streaks of brass particles that only appeared in unison with the sound.

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