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We are in a Information War. Many people have been upset or confused by recent remarks by Trump and the predictable MSM reaction aimed at detracting the public attention away from the rigged elections and the important Republican wins in spite of numeous irregularities.

Sundance has written the following article to explain:




“DeSanctimonious” is not about the Florida Governor


The Last Refuge | 6 November 2022


In December of 2009 the results of the most consequential special election of the decade were transmitted from a rebellious bunch of misfits who shook the political elite to Washington DC.  Republican Scott Brown was elected to take the “Kennedy Seat” in Massachusetts in an epic battle that surprised both the Democrat and Republican establishment.

The DC political class (both parties) were shook, triggered, jaw-dropped & aghast…  A revolt was visible.

It wasn’t just the Democrats who reacted, organized and responded with the urgency of a 2012 counter-offensive.  The rebellious threat from the working class was as much abhorred by the Republican political class, the Bushes, McCains and McConnells who saw the Tea Party uprising as toxic to their control.

The working-class uprising, the originating assembly of what is now the MAGA movement represented in that Massachusetts winter special election had to be destroyed, and that was why the Tea Party movement had to be co-opted and destroyed by the Republican party.  From their professionally Republican perspective, including the billionaire and Wall Street donors who try to influence the club platform, there are no limits to what they will do to retain control, nothing is out-of-bounds.

That’s why we saw the GOPe primary ‘splitter strategy‘ first deployed to scale in 2012.  Romney was installed as the nominee, and gleefully the GOPe watched as he was defeated by Obama’s reelection bid in November.  The status-quo was achieved.  The DC UniParty was repaired, and all things were back under club control.  Two wings of the same UniParty once again giving the illusion of choice.

For those of us who fully understood what was done, and by that time our 2013 ranks were more significant, it became crystal clear the ‘first-things-first’ approach would require the Republican political elite to be removed and confronted first – before the communists in the left wing of the UniParty could be attacked.  We needed a weapon against them….

…..ENTER Donald John Trump.


Donald John Trump wasn’t just our MAGA candidate in 2015, he was our murder weapon and the professional GOPe elite, the party system within the Republican club, was our intended victim.

The 2016 Republican club counter-offensive to a reenergized movement now carrying the MAGA banner, was led by the ‘Never Trumpers’.   Most of you will easily remember how the professional political class, the Jeb Bush wing within the Republican club, responded.  However, this time in 2016 we had the previous experience, the lessons and a map of their playbook in hand.

The MAGA movement knew what the GOPe club were trying to do, and we defeated them because our candidate was big, snarky, strong and impervious to the professional Republican club throwing everything including the kitchen sink at him.  We The People were not going to retreat.  We held the line, moved forward and won. However, our 2016 victory made the Republican inside club even more furious.

The Bushes, McConnells et al were unwilling to relinquish control of the club and would do anything, say anything and use every institutional lever within their control to remain in power.  The inside DC Republican club used every deceptive resource available to undermine our President and kneecap him from disrupting the system.

It wasn’t just the Democrats trying to impeach President Trump, the Republican wing of the UniParty was more than willing to provide background support, they just couldn’t be visible when doing it.

This is the battle for control of the Republican Party.  It’s not about voters or candidates per se’, the battle is for the control of a private club – the RNC.  President Trump has loosened the grip, but it is up to We The People of the MAGA movement to pry their fingers from the mechanisms of control.

What I am describing above is what the background battle, within the state of Florida, around Ron DeSantis, is all about.

The Bush clan have wrapped their arms around Governor Ron DeSantis as a 2024 weapon to counteract the MAGA movement. They have poured hundreds of millions into the “acceptable Republican” effort and are in full control of the DeSantis campaign management.

The Mitt Romney’s, Mitch McConnell’s, Paul Ryan’s, Kevin McCarthy’s etc are trying to leverage the club dynamic over Ron DeSantis and provide enticements to maintain the alliance with their internal battle plan to retain full control over the Republican Party.

The Never Trumpers, financed by donors, the professional party system and club officials, are all part of the internecine battle.

When President Trump labels the former congressman, now Florida Governor as “Ron DeSanctimonious,” that background reality is the who, what, when and why.

This battle is about Republican Party control and the use of Ron DeSantis by the club members who refuse to let go of power.

As noted by a comment from Rick Stans:

Watching heads explode over Trump’s “DeSantimonious” comment is exactly what the RINO elite relishes! Sundance has spelled out Ron’s position very clearly over the past weeks and anyone with half a brain could see it! Ron is a tool being forged as the splitter to weaken Trump in his bid to win in ‘24.

Moreso, the “god” man is what the RINO elite like Ryan and McCarthy hope will destroy the MAGA movement and restore the order of Kings & Queens in D.C. verses the serfs in fly-over country! The Coastals are becoming a bit uneasy hearing about Red Waves and MAGA movements! Time to crush these peasants once and for all!

Enter “god” man! Smiling, snarky Ron the Trump slayer! The Rip Van Winkle of Mar-a-Lago post raid! Trump’s friendly shot across the bow is a wake-up call!

No Ron, we won’t sit back and let you be another fraud, a fallen acorn from the dead Bush Oak that was fertilized with our hard-earned tax dollars for decades!

Either we’re all in for MAGA (despite what Trump does) or we’ll all be learning how to say “can I trade my dollars for yuan” in Mandarin one day! Wake up foolish Ron supporters who have become offended by Trump! Haven’t you learned from your parents that “sticks and stones may break my bones…..”

Trump is a gamer and his words were just a precursor to let Ron know that all the money and notoriety he will be promised for distancing himself from MAGA to “Save” America, is really nothing but fools gold in the end if MAGA goes the way of the Tea Party!

The Republican Club would rather lose elections and retain power than win and be held accountable to deliver on their false promises.





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