Mike Adams interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis



Health Ranger Report | 20 April 2024




Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals shocking use of venom peptides in cosmetics and the food supply, with NEW SOLUTIONS for foreign protein detoxification.


– Venom peptides in medicine, including their use in COVID-19 treatment and cosmetics. (0:01)

– Toxic weight loss drugs made from venomous lizard’s venom. (7:27)

– COVID-19 origins and potential cures. (12:45)

– Nicotine as an antidote for various viruses, including COVID-19, with references to scientific research. (17:00)

– Venom proteins and their effects on the human body, with a focus on the Lobelia plant as a potential remedy. (20:21)

– Natural ingredients for detoxifying foreign proteins. (25:33)

– Natural remedies for COVID-19, including wormwood and salt intake. (30:07)

– Salt, salt licks, and their importance for animals and humans, with a focus on Mucuna Pruriens as an ingredient that (35:18)

– Plants’ ability to neutralize venom toxins with added gold nanoparticles. (38:42)

– Snake venom’s neurotoxicity and its potential for treating neurological disorders. (41:34)

– Snake venom and its effects, with a focus on ashwagandha and cinnamon as potential remedies. (46:27)

– Cinnamon-based supplements for health benefits. (51:28)

– A new protein cleanse product with limited supply. (53:39)

– Preparedness items, including gold backed currency, storable food, satellite phones, and firearm accessories. (59:37)

– Preparedness solutions for chaos and collapse. (1:04:50)



Source: https://www.brighteon.com/22c71a9e-2019-47dd-af34-5f2aa9e0239b


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