Lucifer & The FALLEN – From Darkness to LIGHT





In Hollywood Los Angeles, the city of Lost Angels, countless movies have been created about magical myths and Legends told from ancient times. Myths have fed the imaginations and souls of humans for thousands of years, and helps give us insight on what our TRUE history really might have looked like.

Some of the most captivating stories speak of celestial Angels while others speak of those expelled from Heaven, known as “Fallen Angels,” or “the Watchers.”

Some would say that it is the Fallen Ones, fallen Angels who corrupted humans. One story says that: When God created man, a jealous Angel orchestrated a great rebellion in Heaven. Some say his name was Lucifer, meaning: “the morning star”.

A war had begun in Heaven, his army of Angels were defeated and forever banished from Paradise.

These are the Fallen, exiled from Heaven, they wander the Earth, banished until the rebel Angel abandons evil, or some would say love.

They lusted over human woman, mated with them and fathered abominations. Hybrid children called Nephilim.

The creator was furious at these Angels for corrupting the humans and so flooded the Earth, killing its inhabitants, including the Nephilim & the fallen.

But that’s just one version of the story. Another version says that God sent these Angels to Earth to look after the Humans, hence the “Watchers”, but shortly after, they became corrupt in their ways.

Some believe that a few of the Fallen might have survived, forcing them to hide underground.




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