Dr Robert Malone: The Effectiveness Of Childhood Vaccines Needs To Be Challenged & Investigated


Better Way Conference | May 20-22


Source: The Vigilant Fox



Dr Robert Malone: “I had a moment of epiphany when I sat down with Candace Owens, and we talked about what the temporal relationship has been with many of these classic pediatric diseases and their quenching in the population, which was more concurrent with implementation of modern public health and water sanitation practices than it was with implementation of vaccines. And yet the industry has taught me… that there was a causal relationship when in fact, it was correlation.”

“You give a three-year-old a hammer, everything becomes a nail, and I kind of now need to modify that if you give a public health bureaucrat a hammer, everything becomes a nail, and the hammer in that case is vaccine, and they seem to want to apply it to everything.”

“Bobby [Kennedy Jr.] and I are aligned on this. What Bobby has asked for, that’s caused him to have all this backlash in pejorative labeling and defamation, he’s merely asked for the data. He’s asked for the data demonstrating safety and effectiveness, and he’s asked for the data comparing safety and effectiveness in the context of this multi-inoculation strategy, which has never been developed and assessed adequately.”

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