Dr Naomi Wolf discusses the effects of Pfizer vaccine on mothers and babies


Bannons War Room | 26 May 2022



1 Pregnant women were excluded from Pfizer internal trials

2. The consensus that you heard that mRNA Vaccines are safe and effective for pregnant woman to take was based on 44 French rats followed over a period of 42 days and the rats were not even allowed to give birth – these scientists autopsied the baby rats and decided that the vaccine was safe and effective for human woman; the scientist who ran that study were shareholders in Pfizer or BioNTech

3. All of the Emergency Use Authorizations for the mRNA vaccines excluded pregnant woman – but they still said safe and effective

4. On pages 12 & 13 on a document in the Pfizer Release called ‘Post Marketing Experience’ there were 275 pregnant women that had not been excluded in advance and 28% of those and 4 fetuses had serious adverse events. For the mothers these included miscarriages, fetal deaths, preterm deliveries, premature rupture of membranes and fetal growth restrictions. For the babies, these included vomiting, fever, rash, agitation and allergy to the vaccine.

5. Pfizer’s internal documents define exposure to the vaccine as including breast-feeding. They also include sexual contact as exposure to the vaccine.

6. There is missing data in the Pfizer documents. Of the 275 pregnancies, 238 were identified as ‘no known outcomes’ (these woman were not followed). Of the 36 known outcomes, 28 babies died before or at birth.




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