Disease X – 20 Times Worse Than Covid 19?




kla.tv | 30 January 2024



In January of 2024 the World Economic Forum dealt with „Disease X“ in a special session. Why is it 20X more lethal than Covid? What do we have to look out for? Dr. Peter McCullough kindly gave Kla.TV the following very insightful Interview. Please watch and share.


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COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Coverup Attempts to Preserve Deep mRNA Pipeline

By Peter A. McCullough


In this segment of my January, 2024 interview on Kla.TV Daniel Shumway asked me why doctors seem to be covering for the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. The biological product safety disaster is readily apparent, however, the efforts and resources spent on mRNA platforms is so great, the entire enterprise has become too big to fail. No wonder I was targeted early for this widely read August 17, 2020 OPED in TheHill.




Moderna has 31 mRNA vaccines in their pipeline. You can see how mRNA companies flush with federal contracts would lobby government officials and those working in the public health sector to keep mRNA concerns under wrap as the COVID-19 pandemic winds down and they prepare to convert conventional vaccines to mRNA, have Disease X product lines, and move into veterinary medicine.



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