CONTRALAND is a powerful documentary that educates adults about the evils of sex trafficking in America.


It’s the brainchild of Craig “Sawman” Sawyer—a former decorated member of the elite Navy SEAL team 6. The documentary begins with actress Nancy Stafford greeting the audience with horrifying statistics about sex trafficking in the United States. Sex trafficking is a 38-billion-dollar industry that turns children into “contraband”.


This compelling documentary shows how Sawyer and his team travel to Utah, Connecticut and Arizona and work in tandem with law enforcement agencies in sex sting operations, which led to 22 arrests. They host stings that lure predators only to arrest them for engaging in the desire to exchange sex with minors for money.


Sawyer says he’s only scratched the surface and plans to make more documentaries. He says he’s able to offer the documentary at no charge because of donations to his non-profit organization, Vets for Child Rescue, and sponsors of the documentary. CONTRALAND is well-produced and achieves its mission on getting the viewer’s mind on fire for justice.


source REALWOMEN/REALSTORIES @RealWomenRealStories

*All perpetrators shown in this documentary have been prosecuted and convicted. You can support Craig’s nonprofit here:





Craig Sawman Sawyer interviewed by Nico Rodriguez





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