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      SGT Report | 6 Januaty 2024       The ruling genocidal predator class wants YOU dead, but if you somehow survive, they want you broke, desperate and living on their global slave plantation under a Draconian, Satanic world order. Fortunately people around the world are waking up to this evil agenda and they’re screaming NO, NEVER – we will not comply. As the pedophiles continue to roam free and run wild, Jason Bermas returns to SGTRead More

NATO Plans False Flag in Black Sea to Launch WWIII

    The Globalists need a scapegoat to blame for their destruction of America   Greg Reese | 5 January 2024       Just about every major government has been guilty of false flag operations to foment war. America has been guilty of several, but here are just a few…   Civilian passengers were murdered when a torpedo hit the Lusitania. Investigations revealed that explosives were inside the ship, which was operated by war profiteer J.P. Morgan. This eventRead More

Friday Hope: Bone Broth: Increasing Interferon Response While Decreasing Cytokine Expression

    Therapeutic in acute covid infection, there is evidence bone broth holds great benefit for SARS-CoV-2 gut infection   WMC Research | 5 January 2024       Source:     Support WMC Research

Mel K & Jason Bermas | Epstein Unleashed: The Bigger Picture

      The Mel K Show | 5 January 2024       Source:       Jason Bermas         Unlimited Hangout – The Epstein Series     From “Spook Air” to the “Lolita Express”: The Genesis and Evolution of the Jeffrey Epstein-Bill Clinton Relationship   Far from being the work of a single political party, intelligence agency or country, the power structure revealed by the network connected to Epstein is nothingRead More

The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude

        Audio presentation of Étienne de La Boétie’s classic work, “The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude.” Includes an introduction by Murray N. Rothbard. Read ‘The Politics of Obedience’ online:   Source:       Voluntary Servitude through Obedience       Even though “The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude” was written by Etienne de La Boetie in 1552, it is more relevant today than ever! We are living throughRead More

Massive Ancient Library Discovered In Tibet

      Robert Sepehr | 4 January 2024       Thought to have remained untouched for centuries, a huge library containing thousands of esoteric scrolls was found sealed up in a wall at a monastery in Tibet. The ancient manuscripts consist of Buddhist scriptures, as well as literature, history, astronomy, mathematics, philosophy and sacred tantric teachings that have been passed down orally to initiates and adepts since remote antiquity.     Source:            Read More

Spike Protein Signaling and the MEK-ERK Pathway

    Looking into why some are more affected than others by the Spike Protein   WMC Research | 3 January 2024     Source:   Support WMC Research

Skeletons in the Cupboard series – Redheads

      2 December 2019       Who were the Urukehu – the redheads of New Zealand. Where did they come from and what evidence is there of them today?     Source:

SCREW THE WHO — James Roguski

      SGT Report | 1 January 2024       James Roguski returns to SGT Report with GOODS NEWS about the battle to defeat the WHO’s “health” takeover TYRANNY. We are WINNING because the world is waking up!     Source:           International Health Regulations (2005)           Amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005)           James Roguski substack              Read More

BEND THE KNEE, SLAVE — Callender | Vliet

      SGT Report | 30 December 2023       Attorney Todd Callender and Dr. Lee Vliet are back with a dire warning. If we don’t stop what the satanic rulers of the darkness have planned for all of us, we may as well be dead. Because YOU HAVE BEEN CORDIALLY INVITED TO BEND THE KNEE to the NEW WORLD ORDER, slave.     Source:                          Read More

Jim Willie Interview

      Patriot Underground | 27 December 2023       PU welcomes Jim Willie for a critical update on the treasury bond crisis and how the BRICS are accelerating the de-dollarization process. This is a financial & geopolitical breakdown you don’t wanna miss!     Source:

Conspiracy? Our Subverted History

      by Asha Logos   Part 1 – Setting the Stage (18 Feb 2019)     I’m going to make this a series, as its impossible to fit even the broad strokes into a single video, and its all but impossible to do this topic the justice it deserves. This will be an overview, and future videos will zoom in a bit on specific peoples and time periods (I’m working on a Scythians video as I write this),Read More

Friday Hope: Degrading the Spike Protein: Neanthes japonica (Izuka)

    Interestingly, the enzyme from Izuka is also fibrinolytic and neuroprotective in reperfusion   WMC Research | 29 December 2023       Source:     Support WMC Research

NEVER SPEAK OF THIS — Prof. James Fetzer

      SGT Report | 29 December 2023       There are a few subjects that are so off limits that one better not speak above one’s breath when specking in condemnation of it. The first is Zionism. The second is alleged false flag operations designed to separate we the people from our guns. Pofessor James Fetzer returns to SGT Report to discuss the subject that ought not be discussed.     Source:

Murata et al Confirm My Spike Protein Heart Failure Hypothesis

    And the mechanism is ischemia-reperfusion injury – precisely the one I identified   WMC Research | 27 December 2023       Source:     Support WMC Research

The Truth of Trump – Stupid, Evil? THE Antichrist?

      Dustin Nemos | 26 December 2023       It’s time we had the conversation. Is Trump the Son of Perdition? The Antichrist of the Apocalypse?   Source:

Exposing the Elohim w/ Clif High

      Conspiracy Analytica | 24 December 2023         Source:         The Naked Bible by Giorgio Cattaneo  

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      Pope Death Coming 2024 | Plandemic 2.0 Attempt: France | US Mil Army/Navy “Q” Comms 24 December 2023           USMC EOD in Iceland: Underground War | Netanyahu in Submission | Sky Event: Supernova 28 November 2023           Trump Card Identified | Washington DC Attack Coming | NATO Suicide | House Speaker Mike Johnson 8 November 2023           “State of Israel” Dissolution | Trump 2024 TrialsRead More

Friday Hope: Stem Cells: Evidence for Successful Treatment in Acute COVID

    Stem Cells also appear to greatly benefit those with Long COVID/Spike Pathologies   WMC Research | 22 December 2023       Source:     Support WMC Research

Separating Q Facts from Fiction w/ Bernie Suarez

      Conspiracy Analytica | 21 November 2021           Source:              

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