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Electroculture, Tapping the Aether to Help Your Garden Grow

    Crrow777 | 12 July 2023       Crrow777 Radio                 The Electric Garden   The Gardens Trust| 28 August 2021     Source:       Electroculture   The Gardens Trust| 4 September 2021     Source:

The Spike Protein, The Warburg Effect and Carcinogenesis

    A Molecular Preset for Inducing Cancer    WMC Research | 11 July 2023       Source:       Support WMC Research


      SGT Report | 10 July 2023       The FACTS: – UN and WEF Using LEO Satellites to Link Digital ID to Bank Accounts – No One Was Told They Were Being Injected With Electromagnetic Devices – Quantum Dot Technology in the Injections is What Enables EMF Communication and Blue Tooth Codes From Human Bodies – Nanotech is Programmed to Manipulate The Electrical Balance In Your Body – Shocking new Tests Showing Hydrogel Programmable Plastic InRead More

Health Policy Roundtable w/ Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    27 June 2023     Robert F. Kennedy Jr. meets with leading critics of prevailing health policy including Dr. Joe Mercola, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Maureen McDonnell, Del Bigtree, Sayer Ji, Mikki Willis and others. This roundtable discussion includes lively questions and answers involving topics rarely addressed in mainstream policy conversations.     Source: Original Rumble video:   Other Robert F. Kennedy Jr. videos           Analysis byRead More


    w/ Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet   SGT Report | 4 July  2023       Bill Gates and the evil never stops, it just keeps coming until WE STOP IT. Attorney Todd Callender and Dr Lee Vliet return to talk about GMO mosquitoes, Malaria and the unrelenting globalist depopulation plan.     Source:

Repetitive Exposures to DNA Reactive/Genotoxic Substances Can Induce/Promote/Progress Cancer

      The Spike Protein as “Transmissible Cancer”   Walter M Chestnut | 3 July 2023         Source:                      

How to Help Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s Disease

    Interview with Dr. Dale Bredesen   Dr Joseph Mercola | 29 June 2023       In 2014, Dr. Dale Bredesen published a paper demonstrating healthy lifestyle choices could reverse Alzheimer’s in 9 out of 10 patients. His team is now launching a new randomized, controlled trial at six sites. Biological aging, brain aging and epigenetics will be included in this trial, using newer blood tests that weren’t available even a few years ago. The glial fibrillary acidicRead More

Schumann Resonance Crazy Readings

    Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. They are generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. The phenomenon is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann who predicted it mathematically in 1952. Schumann resonances appear as distinct peaks at extremely low frequencies around 7.83 Hz (fundamental), 14.3, 20.8, 27.3, and 33.8 Hz. At any given moment,Read More

The Latest “Threat” to Academic Freedom and Free Speech

    DailyClout | 19 June 2023       Source:             The latest on my libel suit at New York University, and why the outcome matters to us all (CORRECTED)   My case is ironclad. In order to dismiss it, a lower court has set a precedent that poses a grave threat to academic freedom and free speech in the United States   by Mark Crispin Miller   Many of you know that, inRead More

Dr Robert Malone – Fifth Generation Warfare and Sovereignty

      Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences – International Conference in Stockholm   ‘Our international conference at the Stockholm Waterfront 21-22 January 2023 was a resounding success. It gathered 15 leading doctors, researchers and lawyers from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel, Ukraine and Norway, along with 7 Swedes.’     Source:           Watch full presentations:



Vitamin D Encore: Reduction of Cell Adhesion Molecules

    Yet another mechanism of Vitamin D gives us additional understanding of this powerful COVID therapeutic.   Walter M Chestnut | 23 June 2023         Source:                    

The Wide-Ranging Health Benefits of Niacinamide

          Dr Joseph Mercola | 22 June 2023       Source:

The Spike Protein, DNA Methylation, Reinfections and Rapid Aging

    A synthesis of two recent studies provides deep insight into the ominous problems of rapid aging associated with even asymptomatic (re)infection.   Walter M Chestnut | 13 June 2023         Source:           DNA Methylation Clocks in Aging: Categories, Causes, and Consequences       Source:       Le SARS-COV2 accélérerait l’âge biologique


    Medicine is a Religion and I’m a Heretic   Amazing Polly | 19 June 2023       Audio presentation. Notice that most people are obsessed with “health?” People view distrust in doctors as a modern day heresy. Is Medicine a new religion?     Source:       Support Amazing Polly:

The ownership of central banks

      Bank Underground | 18 October 2019   Around the world, central banks have a number of different ownership structures. At one end of the spectrum are central banks, like the Bank of England, that are wholly owned by the public sector. At the other end are central banks, like the Banca d’Italia, whose shareholders are wholly private sector entities. And there are central banks, like the Bank of Japan, that lie in-between. But do these differences matter?Read More

SGH w/ Dr. Kirk Elliott | Changing Our Understanding of Value Exchange

    QNewsPatriot | 12 June 2023       Anon Audio Chat 6 As requested by overwhelming demand from Patriots out there, Audio Chat 6 is the sixth of direct, fireside-style conversations hosted by SG, and intended to help empower YOU (We The People everywhere) with some of the knowledge/guidance we are all collectively seeking. In Anon Audio Chat 6, SG Anon sits down again w/ Dr. Kirk Elliott, a well respected financial advisor and wealth manager-turned-Patriot, to discussRead More

James Corbett – Technocratic Control and the Dangers of AI

    Mercola | 15 May 2023     In this interview, James Corbett, investigative journalist, discusses false narratives, global takeover by technocracy, controlled opposition and the dangers of artificial intelligence. Source:

FOR GOD, HUMANITY & COUNTRY – The Final Battle Is Officially Unfolding!

    Truth and Art TV | 11 June 2023       Source:       Subscribe to Truth and Art TV members’ channel

The Society Of The Elect – a secret society founded by Cecil Rhodes

    Meet Carroll Quigley   The Corbett Report | originally published 5 October 2008, revised 3 May 2021       Featuring Carroll Quigley and G. Edward Griffin, this report investigate a secret society created by Cecil Rhodes to spread the British Empire around the world…which is still at work, attempting to set up a world government administered by bankers.   Source:         Books by Carroll Quigley      

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