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MARGIN CALL! John Perez and Mike Adams cover SilverGate, Silicon Valley Bank COLLAPSES

        Health Ranger Report | 12 March 2023       – Details on the collapse of SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) – Why #contagion risk is very real and may spread fear to other banks – SVB focused on being “woke” instead of reducing risk – Why Silicon Valley does NOT deserve a taxpayer bailout – Huge bonuses paid to its employees right before collapse – Is a bailout coming? How it would cause yet more #inflationRead More

Boom! Silicon Valley Bank has Epstein Connection (and more)

    Amazing Polly | 14 March 2023     Silicon Valley Bank is more interesting than you think. I talk tentacles! Epstein, Biden, Thiel, China and more.     Source:     Support Amazing Polly


    SGT Report | 6 March 2023   Sofia Smallstorm returns to SGT Report to discuss the crimes and treason of Joe Biden, the masonic symbolism surrounding NFL player Damar Hamlin and the fact that the satanic globalists view us as less than animals, they view and treat us as though we are their livestock.       Source:

NESARA/QFS: A Long Running Internet Scam

    Jordan Sather | 7 March 2023         NESARA/QFS: A Long Running Internet Scam   Detailing the background, history, and current frauds being run by internet influencers using “NESARA Law” and “Quantum Financial System” disinformation

James O’Keefe Resignation Speech at Project Veritas

    Gateway Pundit | 20 February 2023     Source:           Full statement from Project Veritas’ Executive Director & Board of Directors    

Silver Psyop – Comex Apocalypse: The Russia Factor

    The Morgan Report | 15 February 2023       Comex Apocalypse: The Russia Factor   The globalists of the EU, the US government, corporate capital (BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan & the rest),the arms industry, the mainstream media all demanding that Hungary bend to their will & intensify the war in Ukraine.…   Ukraine is BlackRock’s land now. They already sold Ukraine.…   At a WEF side event, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink was joined byRead More

Covid: The Naked Truth Revealed – A Self-Help Guide

    Tremregi | 14 February 2023       Lawrence Wolfe-Xavier, an writer and philosopher is publishing a new book: Covid Compensation: Reclaim Your Wealth and Health Lost to Lockdowns & “Vaccines”. A Global Medical & Law Self-Help Guide. What has happened globally is satanic and a crime against humanity. We discussed the Great Reset and the move to Transhumanism. It’s dangerous and must be stopped NOW.     Source:    

Hazardous materials incident expert explains what went wrong with Ohio train wreck catastrophe

    Health Ranger Report | 16 February 2023       Source:    

The Cochrane Review on Masking

    With 276,000 participants in RCTs or cluster RCTs, masking does nothing. No reduction in influenza like or Covid like illness and no reduction in confirmed flu or COVID.     Source:         Summary         Full review  

The Khazarian Banking Cartel – Rothschilds, Royal Families, Secret Societies

    Tremregi | 26 January 2023         Source:


    22 January 2023       Source:


    Project Camelot | 21 January 2023     An interview with Andrew Bridgen, Member of Parliament suspended recently for raising the issue of Vaccine deaths and evidence that they are unsafe.   Source:         Listen to Andrew Bridgen’s speech in the UK Parliament  

Mike Adams interviews Randall Carlson about lost civilizations

  Health Ranger Report | 14 January 2023       Fascinating interview with Randall Carlson about lost civilizations, comet impacts and Earth’s hidden mysteries     Randal Carlson on YouTube   Randal Carlson website

The True History of ANTIFA

    Jack Posobiec delves into the TRUE untold history of Antifa   Part 1       Part 2     Source credit:         The Antifa: Stories From Inside the Black Bloc  

The God Formula

    Brian Scott | 21 December 2022       This is a breakdown, analysis and review of the concepts of the amazing book Becoming Like God by Michael Berg   Berg argues that we inhabit a prison—a strange sort of prison, to be sure, because most inmates don’t even realize we’re behind bars. We’re even conditioned to scoff at the notion that there might actually be another world, a world of joy and Light, shining right beyond theRead More

Kash’s Corner: Elon Musk Should Release Slack Channels; Why Was My Deposition Not Included in Jan. 6 Committee Report?

    The Epoch Times | 30 December 2022       In this episode of Kash’s Corner, we discuss Elon Musk’s latest “Twitter Files” drop on censorship of COVID-19 related information, including vaccine harms to children, and Kash Patel reflects on his time as chief of staff at the Department of Defense during Operation Warp Speed and the initial COVID-19 vaccine rollout. We also discuss the release of the final Jan. 6 committee report, which notably did not include Patel’sRead More

DANGER: “Anti-Vaccine” Thoughts are a Mental Illness Requiring “Treatment”

    Amazing Polly | 24 November 2022       Building blocks are being put into place so that political dissidents can be drugged or locked up much like the Soviets did with Sluggish Schizophrenia.   Source:       Support Amazing Polly:

EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility

    28 December 2022   A futuristic video made by Hashem Al-Ghaili,  a producer and filmmaker with a background in molecular biology who believes this technology is ready and that we could see such facilities in as little as 10 years.       Hashem Al-Ghaili is a producer, filmmaker and a science communicator based in Berlin, Germany. A molecular biologist by trade, Hashem uses his knowledge and passion for science to educate the public through social media andRead More

The Babylonian Talmud

    Translated by Michael L. Rodkinson, 1918    


        The Newburgh Sting, directed by David Heilbroner, HBO Documentary Films, 2014   The Newburgh Sting is an in-depth exposure of the FBI entrapment of four men from Newburgh New York, an impoverished town of about 30,000 some 60 miles north of New York City, on charges of attempting to bomb two synagogues in the Bronx and to shoot down jets leaving Stewart Air National Guard Base. The documentary, released by HBO, uses hundreds of hours of video footage, photographs,Read More

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