Patriots rise up

The time is NOW…step up or shut up!

  MUST READ: One of America’s Greatest Patriots Disagrees With The Last Line In Trump’s Statement About The FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago   The Gateway Pundit | 9 August 2022   Last night, after the stunning raid of President Trump’s Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, the former President issued the following statement:   These are dark times for our Nation, as my beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBIRead More

Sting: Democracy is under attack

  Warsaw | 30 July 2022       Edited video clip source: TheCrowhouse – A SHIFT IS HAPPENING         Sting warns during Warsaw concert of threats to democracy   WARSAW, Poland (AP) — British musician Sting interrupted a concert in Warsaw on Saturday evening to warn his audience that democracy is under attack worldwide and to denounce the war in Ukraine as “an absurdity based upon a lie.” He asked a popular Polish actor, MaciejRead More

Australian Sen. Alex Antic Lays Out the Cabal’s Plan for ‘Absolute Power’

  1 August 2022       Source:       More Australian Senators speak out on vaccine injuries:          

Jeff Brain: The Global Farmers Protest Will Be ‘Largest Push For Freedom In History’

  Amsterdam Rally 23/07/22   Bannons War Room | 15 July 2022  

‘Broad sense of frustration, anger, despair’: Dutch farmers protest against nitrogen cuts

  Sky News Australia | 10 July 2022       Netherlands Agricultural and Horticultural Organization’s Wytse Sonnema says there’s a broad sense of “frustration, anger, even despair” amongst farmers amid proposals for nitrogen reduction target plans. Farmers are protesting around the Netherlands over the government’s new policy which would see the country slash nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions by 50 per cent by 2030. “There’s a map now outlining nitrogen reduction targets of 50 per cent nationally, 70, upRead More

“I See You” by Mark Attwood


Dutch Uprising

  Amsterdan Rally 23/07/22   Dutch Farmers Protest Climate Policies They Say Could Drive Them Out of Business and Fuel Global Hunger Crisis       Source:           The situation in the Netherlands is becoming truly biblical. The civilians and farmers are waking up to realise that the government is not their best friend and they are uniting in their protest.         More then 30,000 farmers driving to Stroe in the middle ofRead More

Max Igan w/ Maria Zeee

  TheCrowhouse | 29 June 2022         Source:  

Mel K w/ Kash Patel

  Mel K Show | 24 June 2022    

Jon Voight: Biden must be impeached/removed immediately

  2 July 2022  

Declaration of Betrayal of West Point And the Long Gray Line

    “Concerned Graduates of West Point” May 24, 2022 The Long Gray Line is the assembly of graduates of the United States Military Academy. It serves as a fount of American battle-tested experience, the institutional memory of the Military Academy, and the watchdog of the United States Corps of Cadets. As such, it is the sacred duty of the Long Gray Line to challenge dysfunctional conduct or rogue behavior, such as that which has come to dominate West Point.Read More

Lara Logan: If We Don’t Submit, They Have No Chance

  Jerm Warfare | 22 June 2022   “If we believe that the battle is lost, and they’re so overwhelming, and they’re so powerful, and they’re so all around us … What is that really about? It’s about breaking your will to fight. They need you to surrender. They need you to give up hope because there’s too many of us. We outnumber them, and if we don’t give up, if we don’t submit, they have no chance. They justRead More

Patriot Streetfighter w/ Chris James & Marcus Ray, Preparing For Canadian Court Encounter

  PatriotStreetfighter | 27 May 2022   Christopher James and Marcus Ray discuss the upcoming court case Chris is conducting with the protection of nearly 5000 retired police officers and ex-military in Canada.  

We The People


Health update from Dr Zelenko

  22 May 2022      

Disinformation problem

        Reporter: “Do you feel like there is a disinformation problem in the United States?” Boebert: “I do […] and it starts with our government. The government pushes disinformation on the American people to control what the American people are doing, to lock down our schools.”     Source: @RedPillPharmacist

MEP Christine Anderson Confronts the WHO Treaty and Calls on Voters to Hold MEPS Accountable

        Dear Fellow Citizens, Here is my current speech in the plenary hall of the EU Parliament on the renegotiation of the WHO treaties, which – once they come into effect – will mean a de facto abolition of all basic democratic principles and will thus ring in the end of the rule of the people in favor of a technocratic dictatorship of the global elites. If you look at the (once again) almost empty plenary hall,Read More

“The Great Awakening”

  30 April 2022       Source:

“We Are The 99%”

          Source: The Daz Band

Executive Order #10 – Demolish the Satanic Georgia Guidestones

  2 May 2022   Two weeks ago, Kandiss Taylor released 9 Executive Orders that she would sign into law as Governor of Georgia. Since then she has released her Executive Order #10 which promises to demolish the Georgia Guidestones.   Her website states: “For decades, the Global Luciferian Regime has seeped its way into our Government. They demoralized us with humiliation rituals as they tore down our historical monuments, persecuted our children, locked us down in our homes, andRead More

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