Belarus President Alexander Lushalenko on Vaccine Mafia


28 January 2022

Lukashenko made these remarks during his address before Belarus’s national assembly.


“Coronavirus has now become a controlled process. Two years ago I predicted it would come to this. Coronavirus has its own beneficiaries, billionaires all over the world—this is already a fact—they have significantly increased their fortunes. The gap between the very rich and the rest of the population has noticeably increased. The rich have become even richer, and the poor have become even poorer.

“Per Davos forum, IT and pharma industries enjoyed the largest profits. Now they are cojoined businesses. In other words, they ordered everyone home, gave you gadgets, replaced reality with metaverse and push pills on you.

“Is this mafia going to give up trillions of its profits? Therefore, they continue to whip up panic, and vaccines become elements of big politics. Real vaccine wars have unfolded in the West. They do not recognize Sputnik V, they treat Sinopharm with caution, at the same time imposing their own product like Pfizer. But in fact, they divide the markets and sort people.”




Lushalenko’s whole address here:

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