Ray McGovern addresses the UN Security Council in support of Sy Hersh’s credibility and legacy

    Ray McGovern addressed the UN Security Council in support of Sy Hersh‘s credibility and legacy. His speech focused more on the lack of any strategic arms control treaties and danger of nuclear war. He appealed to the Council’s humanity and the need to “extend the hand” to try to understand each other, saying “let’s be human.” He also declared that the conflict in Ukraine was provoked by the US/NATO and collective West and decried the influence of NazisRead More

Great Reset

    “Countries Will Begin Negotiations On a Zero Draft of a New Pandemic Accord, Grounded In International Law.” – Tedros (Director general of the World Health Organization) + “COVID Makes Surveillance Go Under the Skin.”       Source:       Related article: Amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulations: An Annotated Guide



This EVIL is NOW in Light

    Alaska Medical Freedom Symposium, Palmer, AK Whistleblower: Army Lieutenant Colonel, Theresa Long, MD   17 September 2022         Source:

Mel K & Charles Cole – An Insider’s View of Russia Before the Fall

    The Mel K Show | 26 February 2023       Source:     Charles Cole   In Russian Wonderland: An American’s Odyssey in Soviet Russia  


    An Old Man in a Chair | 9 February 2023         Full transcript:   It is the 9th of February 2023 and this is my 321st video since the fake pandemic, the covid fraud and the designer war started and began us on our long journey into the new abnormal and the Great Reset.   This is, I believe, the most important video you will ever watch because it shows, without any reasonable doubt, thatRead More

President Trump speech, West Palm Beach, FL

    23 February 2023    

Putin delivers address to Federal Assembly

    21 February 2023  

Dr. Ana Marie Maria Mihalcea warns the Health Ranger about strange blood artifacts in the UNVACCINATED

    Health Ranger Report | 21 February 2023         Source:


          CONTRALAND is a powerful documentary that educates adults about the evils of sex trafficking in America.   It’s the brainchild of Craig “Sawman” Sawyer—a former decorated member of the elite Navy SEAL team 6. The documentary begins with actress Nancy Stafford greeting the audience with horrifying statistics about sex trafficking in the United States. Sex trafficking is a 38-billion-dollar industry that turns children into “contraband”.   This compelling documentary shows how Sawyer and his teamRead More

Italian Politician – A Man of Courage & A Friend of Crimea

    Tremregi | 19 February 2023       Stefan Valdegamberi is a popular Italian politician who has been outspoken against the war n Ukraine, the sanctions, and the Italian government. For this, he has been mocked and attacked in the media and forced to sell his minority share in a company doing business with an American company. He is a Friend of Crimea and Russia who has travelled to Crimea to meet with people and to find outRead More

Control over all of your smart devices, utilities, and electric vehicles – remotely


James O’Keefe Resignation Speech at Project Veritas

    Gateway Pundit | 20 February 2023     Source:           Full statement from Project Veritas’ Executive Director & Board of Directors    



Nord Stream I & II – Who Done It?

    Tremregi | 18 February 2023       John Hankey, an investigative filmmaker from Los Angeles talks about some omissions in Sy Hersh’s “Bombshell Report” and talks about who really benefits! It may surprise you. The Bank of London has been behind and is behind all major wars and events, including the pipeline blasts. What is Russia and China’s long-term strategy in not being provoked by the Bank of London’s US military battering-ram?     Source:

The Government is Not Your Friend – Wake Up America!

    TheCrowhouse | 16 February 2023         Source:

Silver Psyop – Comex Apocalypse: The Russia Factor

    The Morgan Report | 15 February 2023       Comex Apocalypse: The Russia Factor   The globalists of the EU, the US government, corporate capital (BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan & the rest),the arms industry, the mainstream media all demanding that Hungary bend to their will & intensify the war in Ukraine.…   Ukraine is BlackRock’s land now. They already sold Ukraine.…   At a WEF side event, Blackrock CEO Larry Fink was joined byRead More

Covid: The Naked Truth Revealed – A Self-Help Guide

    Tremregi | 14 February 2023       Lawrence Wolfe-Xavier, an writer and philosopher is publishing a new book: Covid Compensation: Reclaim Your Wealth and Health Lost to Lockdowns & “Vaccines”. A Global Medical & Law Self-Help Guide. What has happened globally is satanic and a crime against humanity. We discussed the Great Reset and the move to Transhumanism. It’s dangerous and must be stopped NOW.     Source:    

WEF – Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2023

    January 2023   The World Economic Forum’s Global Cybersecurity Outlook, developed in collaboration with Accenture, examines the cybersecurity trends that will impact our economies and societies in 2023.   Find the latest research from the World Economic Forum on how the world is responding to cyber threats and what leaders can do to secure their organisations in the year to come.    

Hazardous materials incident expert explains what went wrong with Ohio train wreck catastrophe

    Health Ranger Report | 16 February 2023       Source:    

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