America’s Frontline Doctors – Harmful Effects of Lockdowns

Lockdowns are not effective, as seen by many scientific studies, common sense, and
worldwide observation. Locking down entire communities was never before done in all
of recorded human history, but it swept the globe in 2020. In addition to not stopping the
transmission of a tiny respiratory virus that fortunately does not permanently harm the
vast majority of people, lockdowns cause insurmountable negative health effects. These
range from the worsening of chronic stable conditions, to missing new serious diagnoses,
to missing necessary treatments, and very often death. And where lack of medical care
and social isolation intersect, the tragedy of addiction, substance abuse, depression,
trauma, and crime repeats itself in ever escalating numbers. The death and illness due to
lockdowns is exponentially higher than deaths due to Covid-19. This is all the more
tragic because most Covid19 deaths are at or after the average life expectancy but most of
the death and illness due to lockdowns is in younger persons.



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