A Hole in the System — The Border Crisis Exposed




Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7TNP2OTY2g



Mercola |  14 February 2024


  • While the illegal migrants flowing across the U.S. southern border come from all around the world, the fastest growing group is from China
  • In 2023, border patrol apprehended 37,000 Chinese nationals crossing illegally, 50 times more than in 2021
  • As the border crisis continues to worsen, authorities are cutting off access to journalists
  • Texas is trying to stem the relentless tide of migrants crossing the border each day. Under Operation Lone Star, Texas is funding the installation of anti-climb fences and razor wire in areas that were previously wide open. Twenty-five other governors are also backing Texas’ decision to crack down on the border invasion
  • Texas has passed a new law, which takes effect March 5, 2024, that will make illegal border crossing a state crime. Local police will then have the authority to make arrests, and a judge can order illegal crossers to be returned to Mexico






Source: http://tinyurl.com/w3nx9sk3

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