Why should current Covid-19 vaccines not be used for mass vaccination during a pandemic?



‘Immediate cancellation of all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns
should now become THE most acute health emergency of international concern.’


Presentation slides and notes by G. Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD
Independent Vaccine Research Consultant


extracted_Concern-Covid-19-Mass-Vaccination-Geert-Vanden-Bossche note


extracted_Concern-Covid-19-Mass-Vaccination-Geert-Vanden-Bossche presentation


extracted_Concern-Covid-19-Mass-Vaccination-Geert-Vanden-Bossche add note


Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM, is a vaccine research expert. He has a long list of companies and organizations he’s worked with on vaccine discovery and preclinical research, including GSK, Novartis, Solvay Biologicals, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr Vanden Bossche also coordinated the Ebola vaccine program at GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization).

He is board-certified in Virology and Microbiology, the author of over 30 publications, and inventor of a patent application for universal vaccines. He currently works as an independent vaccine research consultant.




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