Why no ‘straight’ Monkey-Pox?


Kevin Corbett | 27 July 2022


Why are there mainly gay men in the UK’s ‘monkeypox’ data? Why don’t scientists query this especially after over two years of blatant lying about ‘covid’ from our public health agencies, like the UK’s Health Security Agency (UKHSA) or America’s CDC? The levels of heterosexual ‘partner change’ / sexual intimacy at nighttimes in any major city should easily facilitate a so-called heterosexual ‘monkeypox epidemic’.

The WHO statement by Drs Tedros/Lewis announcing yet another ‘global pandemic’ was laughably unscientific suggesting that a monkeypox ‘virus’ transited through ‘families’ (without ‘infecting’ them) and made a B-line for men-who-love-men. The WHO’s intended meaning was: ‘gay men are diseased, perverse and don’t have families’ but they did not want to say that because it isn’t politically correct. Yet those are the essential concepts driving this fauxdemic of monkeypox.

In the UK, the UKHSA are case finding amongst a captive market of ‘sexual health’ clinic attenders; many of whom are HIV+ and on antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). These patients are used to regular 6-monthly ‘viral load’ (PCR) tests. Another PCR is now thrown into the fray for so-called ‘monkeypox’, especially if someone reports ‘skin lesions’ / ‘cold symptoms’  or they are worried over spots, boils or blemishes because of the fear and hype ratched up in the media. The UKHSA spurred on by the WHO are constructing an epidemic using gay men as the bait which many scientists are sadly taking at face value because they feel powerless to contest medical authority, or see the sexual intimacy of gay men as perverse or essentially ‘different’, and because they have failed to learn from the literature on how an ‘epidemic’ was previously falsified with AIDS. From speaking to those who have unfortunately been so-called ‘diagnosed’ with so-called ‘monkeypox’, what is very apparent is that there’s no uniformity to the reported ‘lesions’, or even the case histories.

What is common throughout is the use of sensitive PCRs without any gold standard isolated or purified virus to validate diagnostic specificity as there’s no isolated virus. One UK microbiologist told me recently: ..at least with gonorrhoea we think we’ve got the real bacteria in purified form to validate our PCRs but with monkeypox there’s no purified viral isolate..”The ongoing lack of proof for viral isolation which confounded the Covid19 scam has recently been super charged by a group of high profile scientists, led by Dr Tom Cowan and including Dr Andrew Kaufman, Drs Sam and Mark Bailey, Professor Tim Noakes and Dr Mike Yeadon. These experts have challenged the mainstream virologists to prove the existence of viruses. In the meantime, like the PCR for ‘SARS-CoV-2’, these monkeypox PCRs are being used on populations in NHS ‘sexual health’ clinics who are prescribed ARVs and who are likely exhibiting levels of toxicity and cellular oxidative stress that will facilitate positive PCRs.

Unwittingly these groups of patients are being used to drive forward yet another politically-inspired fake ‘pandemic’ just like ‘Covid’. The UKHSA (from its bioweapon centre Porton Down) is under WHO pressure to help  create another global scamdemic because that’s now the role for the UKHSA. Our health services have lost any remaining shreds of scientific sovereignty by becoming puppets for the WHO viral-scare machine. Their new role is to promote contagion-fear with the key purpose of funnelling antivirals and quackcines into the UK population. It is a sad fact that many scientists cannot, or will not, see this fiasco for exactly what it is.



Kevin Corbett MSc PhD is a health scientist and qualified nurse who has worked in family planning and sexual health services.




Source: https://unitynewsnetwork.co.uk/why-no-straight-monkey-pox/

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