What Do We Know About The Vaccine?

Bards FM | 7 February 2021

“The information presented in this pamphlet is sourced as
of February 7, 2021. The statements herein are presented as
verifiable information to the best of our knowledge given the
data referenced, and is not intended to be an authoritative
report. The intent of this presentation is to equip and urge you to
pursue your own research to verify the information for yourself,
so that you can draw your own informed conclusion about the
safety and efficacy of the experimental vaccine.

“A FDA Pfizer briefing paper released December 10, 2020, revealed
there were 43% more suspected COVID-19 cases in the
experimental vaccination study group than the group given a

“Dr. Fauci and others have let us know that even with the
experimental vaccination, restrictions for social distancing,
masking, etc., will not be lifted. It’s a mutating virus. This
experimental vaccine will be the first of many…”


BardsFM Vax Pamphlet_CoxCo_Digital


Source: https://www.docdroid.com/1oHAUAK/bardsfm-vax-pamphlet-coxco-digital-pdf

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