WEF22 – The World Economic Forum 2022 (Highlights)


Opening remarks and special address from Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab

Klaus Schwab stresses the importance of protecting against “a new virus possibly, or other risks which we have on the global agenda and climate change”.






Klaus Schwab: “You have now this new treatment. Some people may ask ‘why should I get vaccinated if there’s a treatment. How do you respond?”

Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, raises his concerns about compliance in the future and states that annual vaccinations against Covid will be necessary. He further said that the compliance needs to be increased because, unlike the efficacy “which is very, very high” – a claim that is no longer supported by the scientific data.



* Bourla did not say that their goal was to reduce the world population by 50%, as reported in some of the alternative media. He actually said: “In January of 19 (sic), in California, we set the goals for the next five years, and one of them was by 2023 we will reduce the number of people in the world that cannot afford our medicines by 50%.” (2:44)





Preparing for the Next Pandemic

“Roughly one novel human pathogen emerges every year and any one of them could turn out to be the next pandemic.”

Speakers: Stephanie Mehta, Peter Sands, Bill Gates, Francis deSouza, Helen E. Clark, Paul Kagam






The Canadian Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans boasts at the World Economic Forum about developing an individual carbon footprint tracker to monitor what you buy, what you eat, and where/how you travel.

That individual carbon footprint tracker, however, most likely won’t apply to corporate jets, yachts, or emissions from homes greater than 5,000 sq ft.





Julie Inman Grant, Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, speaks at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022 in Davos:

“We need a re-calibration of a whole range of human rights that are playing out online, from freedom of speech to be free from online violence.”



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