US Presidential Election 2020

by Loxley | 7 November 2020

At 4 am on 4th November, two vans pulled up outside the vote-counting station in Detroit, and unloaded urns containing mail-in ballots. Counters were about to pack up having almost finished their work, but they sat back down to count the new votes. And the results were astonishing – 138,339 votes, every single vote for Joe Biden, and not even one for Donald Trump or the other candidates. At that time Trump was over 100,000 votes ahead, but the new votes tipped the balance, and Biden was declared the winner.

Thus began what will surely be exposed as the biggest fraud in election history, at least in the civilized world. Reports came in of similar incidents in several key states, including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona, all of which were favouring Trump at the time. And it got worse, 21,000 dead people had cast absentee votes in Pennsylvania, Republican poll-watchers were locked out of counting halls, whistle-blowers filmed election and post-office workers filling in blank ballot papers and throwing away others in garbage bins, others reported computer “glitches” which flipped votes in favour of Biden, and many Republican voters were surprised to find, on checking election websites, that their mail-in vote had not been registered.

Statistical analyses showed that more than 100% of the electorate had voted in some counties, and although Trump recorded around 7 million more votes than he did four years ago, Biden incredibly picked up 6 million more than Obama did in his 2008 landslide win, something difficult to believe for a man who inspired little enthusiasm from his supporters, and who spent most of the campaign in his basement.

The Trump campaign are taking legal action to try to overturn all of this, but an anti-Trump mainstream press and social media are hardly reporting anything about it, accusing Trump and his supporters of lying, and censoring any information which says anything to the contrary. A difficult time lies ahead, but hopefully the truth will out, and justice will prevail. If not, heaven help us all.  


US presidential election results, 2008-20 (votes – seats)

2020* Trump 70,206,345 (268) Biden 74,391,066 (270)

2016 Trump 62,984,825 (306) Clinton 65,853,516 (232)

2012 Romney 59,134,475 (206) Obama 62,611,250 (332)

2008 McCain 58,319,442 (173) Obama 66,862,039 (365)

* Estimate based on current figures

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