50,000 native children murdered in church/province run schools



Unrepentant documents Canada’s dirty secret – the planned genocide of aboriginal people in church-run Indian Residential Schools – and a clergyman’s efforts to document and make public these crimes.

First-hand testimonies from residential school survivors are interwoven with Kevin Annett’s own story of how he faced firing, de-frocking, and the loss of his family, reputation and livelihood as a result of his efforts to help survivors and bring out the truth of the residential schools.

This saga continues, as Annett continues a David and Goliath struggle to hold the government and churches of Canada accountable for crimes against humanity, and the continued theft of aboriginal land.

Unrepentant took nineteen months to film, primarily in British Columbia and Alberta, and is based on Kevin Annett’s book Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust. The entire film was a self-funded, grassroots effort, which is reflected in its earthy and human quality.

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Source: https://archive.org/details/KevinAnnettUNREPENTANT








Kevin Annett: The Truth about the Canadian Residential School Massacres



Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34ntA3UpJDU&t=8s



Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust







Dr Kevin D. Annett (aka. Kevin McNamee-Annett, and Eagle Strong Voice) is a Canadian writer and former minister of the United Church of Canada. He has authored three books about Canadian aboriginals – Love and Death in the Valley, Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust and Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor. His Ph.D thesis on the topic of the Canadian genocide was blocked by the establishment so he used it as source material for a video instead, publishing Unrepentant in 2007 and posting it on the WWW and achieving over 500,000 hits within a year.

His treatment at the hands of the Canadian establishment over his persistent advocacy for the indigenous populations of Canada, is an object lesson in speaking truth of power.

By 2021 his claims of extermination of the indigenous population are getting substantiated by official findings.


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