Tucker Carlson DESTROYS The J6 “Insurrection” Lie


‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ was given the first to look at over 40,000 hours of surveillance footage from the Capitol Building on Jan 6

6 March 2023


Tucker Carlson released never-before-seen footage from the Jan. 6, 2021 riots at Capitol Hill that appear to dispel several narratives pushed by the Democrat-controlled House Select Committee and the legacy media.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy granted “Tucker Carlson Tonight” an exclusive first look to over 40,000 hours of security camera footage from the Capitol Building that were hidden from the public for over two years. On Monday, Carlson offered the first glimpses of footage involving key figures from that day.







Jordan Sather | 8 March 2023


Source: https://rumble.com/v2c59ng-tucker-carlson-destroys-the-j6-insurrection-lie-ray-epps-and-qanon-shaman.html

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