Trust & Freedom: Challenging the Pandemic Treaty





The Pandemic Treaty has been a significant topic for many people, not just in Europe, but across the world.


A new citizens initiative called ‘Trust and Freedom’ has been set up to challenge the Pandemic Treaty proposed by the World Health Organisation.


4 July 2023







Full video documenting speeches from representatives of seven European countries, plus international speakers who are uniting in their stance against unelected bureaucracy:





There are two missions we all need to be on:

1. Addressing the polarisation problem by destroying the incoherent left-right dichotomy, which we do by refusing to engage with it.

2. Helping people to see how centralisation is always a disaster, in both theory and in practice.

I covered the last of these two today at the European Parliament, where we launched the Trust & Freedom citizens’ initiative with some courageous MPs who have been speaking out against the malevolent trajectory the world finds itself on.

– @NickHudsonCT