This is the Best Takedown of the CDC’s ‘Politicized’ COVID Response That You’ll Ever See


Becker News | 29 June 2022


Dr. Robert Malone delivered the most sensible, credible and powerful criticism of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s ‘politicized’ response to Covid out there.




“I’m honored to be here,” Dr. Malone said. “I’m here on a voluntary basis at the request of the committee. My name is Robert Wallace Malone. I’m a physician licensed in Maryland at graduate of UC Davis, UC San Diego, University of Maryland and Northwestern University, as well as Harvard for a fellowship in clinical research.”

“I spent my career working in the field of medicine, particularly in vaccine technology and biodefense,” he went on. “I am a vaccinologist. Earlier in my career, I had a series of discoveries when I was at the Salk Institute that led to nine issued patents filed approximately 1989 to 1990, that are considered by most to be the foundation technology upon which the mRNA vaccines have been built. There have been additional advances since then. I don’t take credit and I did not in any way claim to have invented these vaccines. Just wanted to get that out.”

“I’m a specialist in clinical research, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, project management, proposal management, particularly large federal grants and contracts, vaccines, and biodefense,” Dr. Malone added. “I’ve won well over 2 billion in grants and contracts. I often chair or in the past have chaired study sections for large vaccine grants and contracts for the NIAID. I’ve met Tony Fauci multiple times.”

“I am a deep specialist in government affairs, particularly in the vaccines and biodefense space,” he continued. “I particularly work with the defense threat reduction agency historically, so a branch of the Department of Defense focused on bio defense.”

“I’m here to talk to you about the policies relating to vaccines in early treatment for SARS-CoV-2 through the various surges and my thoughts and recommendations for future public health events as the committee has requested that I do,” Dr. Malone said. “I’ll do so to the best of my ability in speaking plainly. I hope that nothing I say will offend. That’s not my intention and I’m certainly not here to point fingers or to cause rifts or conflict in terms of my own experience.”

“I’ve been deeply involved in multiple prior outbreak responses, including AIDS,” he continued. “The post anthrax and smallpox scare actually did a lot of the due diligence for the smallpox vaccine products for the Department of Defense and their adverse events. I’m deeply experienced in influenza, vaccine development, Ebola, Zika, and now SARS-CoV-2. I’ve been working nonstop on SARS-CoV-2 since I got a phone call from Wuhan, from a member of the intelligence community on January 2nd, 2020.”

“During prior outbreaks, in my experience, CDC served as a reliable source of impartial, up-to-date, and accurate public health data for physicians, state, and local local public health officials,” Dr. Malone said. “Prior to SARS-CoV-2, the teaching and practice in governmental response has been that the federal CDC advises state public health authorities who have the authority and responsibility, according to the U.S. Constitution, to manage their own public health policies and regulate the practice of medicine. This is your responsibility.”

“And up until the present, that’s always been acknowledged,” he added. “The role of the federal government is in consultation and support and advice. This approach has not been implemented during the COVID crisis, as we’ve been discussing during SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 outbreak, new policies and practices have been implemented the NIH and particularly NIAID have developed propagated treatment protocols throughout the United States.”

“In most cases, the protocols developed by the NIH have been developed in a non-transparent manner without hearings or significant public comment by independent physicians, practicing physicians,” Dr. Malone said. “Apparently these have been developed largely under the strong influence and oversight of a small number of government officials, predominantly Dr. Fauci and his former trainee, Dr. Birx, particularly under the prior administration.”

“Development of vaccine products have been accelerated in historic nonclinical, clinical development and regulatory practices have been discarded in a quest for speed under specific pressure from the executive branch in the prior administration,” he added. “Development of repurposed drugs and treatment strategies have paradoxically been aggressively blocked or inhibited by both NIH and FDA. Apparently due to requirements in the federal Emergency Use Authorization statute language, requiring lack of available alternatives as a predicate to granting emergency use authorization to a new product, including a vaccine product. In this case with this outbreak, the CDC has played a more supportive role to NIH, in contrast to prior where NIH/NIAID has focused on clinical research and early product development and the CDC is focused on public health policy.”

“We know according to the New York Times article on President’s Day, that the CDC has become politicized, particularly during the current administration, and has actively withheld information, which has been deemed as posing risk for exacerbating vaccine hesitancy during the current outbreak,” Malone said. “The CDC has not fulfilled its traditional role as a neutral collector arbiter and reporter of public health data. CDC has, under FOIA, admitted to failing to perform obligated monitoring analysis and reporting of VAERS and related vaccine safety data.”

“We heard testimony earlier about the reliance of the state of Texas personnel on the evaluation of VAERS from the CDC,” he added. “And we now know that the CDC failed to perform their required tasks relating to VAES analysis assigned to them by Congress. As a consequence, neither patients, physicians nor public health officials have been able to assess up to date information concerning vaccine effectiveness and safety.”

“This has compromised the informed consent process,” he continued. “CDC has actively promoted in marketed vaccination with an unlicensed Emergency Use Authorized product with over $1 billion in U.S. federal funding, expanded to both market the products and to censor those who’ve raised concerns regarding vaccine safety and effectiveness. This is not an opinion. It is well-documented through Freedom of Information Act document disclosure.”

“FDA, NIH, and CDC together with World Health Organization have cooperated to actively restrict, demean, and deprecate the use of multiple currently available licensed drugs for treatment of COVID-19 by licensed practicing physicians, who are the ones who have the authority to establish local standard of care — not the CDC and not the NIAID. And have facilitated retaliation against physicians who did not follow the treatment guidelines established and promoted by the NIH. I was very glad to hear that is not happening with the hospital that was just testifying.”

“Historically, the NIH has neither mandate nor significant prior experience in developing and implementing universal treatment guidance and protocols and has done so in a unilateral manner without seeking meaningful input from practicing physicians,” he went on. “NIH leadership has acted to restrict and retaliate against highly qualified, independent physicians and medical scientists who question federal management policies. We know this most notably in the case of the Great Barrington Declaration, and the primary authors of that document. Again, Freedom of Information [Act], disclosures of emails, It’s incontrovertible.

“On a national basis without respect for state boundaries, this is key, or coordination with state governments, NIH and CDC have actively engaged with and directly paid corporate media and technology and social media companies to promote federal positions and policies, and to censor any discussions of policies, risks, adverse events, or treatment options, other those than those, which they have endorsed, again, multiple FOIA documents demonstrate this.” Dr. Malone said.

“There is evidence in the case of the State of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis that the federal government has intentionally withheld monoclonal antibody therapeutics as political retaliation for COVID crisis management policies implemented by the State of Florida, which are not aligned with federal government policies and mandates,” Dr. Malone added. “Now in section three of the request from the committee, from my comment, they asked a series of questions relating to the effects of vaccines and the now remarkably enhanced reinfection rate in the United States population.”

“Those questions included some detailed, let’s say, ‘inside baseball’ questions, having to do with the nuance of nomenclature of effectiveness or efficacy, et cetera,” he noted. “I am going to pass over those unless there’s reasons for questions that are available to you in the document, in the interest of time.”

“During the COVID crisis, the use of the terms, ‘immunity’ and ‘effectiveness’ have been applied creatively by the NIH and CDC leadership,” he remarked. “First to refer to prevention of infection, replication, and spread. Then as those endpoints were not being met by the vaccines to prevention from hospitalization and death. Then as those endpoints were only partially achievable to a relative reduction in hospitalization and death, which currently, based on the latest peer review data, is in the range of between 30 and 60% of fully vaccinated persons in high-risk categories are still at risk of hospitalization and death.”

This testimony before the Texas State Senate is the serious and rigorous criticism of the federal government’s Covid response that the American people need to hear.




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