The Truth About Oppenheimer



Vital Dissent | 20 July 2023


Imagine this hypothetical.


A material is found that has the potential to unlock nearly unlimited energy. Although the scientific community familiar with the discovery knows that the material is dangerous to organic life, no one knows exactly how dangerous the material is, what its short and long term effects are, and in what doses these effects manifest.


Without this knowledge, a group of scientists embark upon and lead a secret project that consciously requires several thousand people to be exposed to the material. Outside this leadership group, most of the people involved in this secret project are unaware they are being exposed.


During the secret project, nearly the entire team is exposed to the material. Some members are more exposed than others. The project’s leadership studies how and why certain workers are injured, how much their doses were, and what the effects of their exposures are. Despite these injuries, the secret project continues and more individuals are exposed. Many are injured in ways that are not apparent until several decades later.


At the same time the workers are being exposed, the scientists also conduct a parallel series of animal exposure experiments. For most of the animal experiments, the death of the subject is a given.


Eventually, the scientists decide passive human observation and animal exposure experiments are not enough.


Instead, they devise a series of experiments that would see them purposely inject the material into human test subjects.


But how could the scientists possibly ask for volunteers for such a dangerous and unpredictable study?


They could not and did not.


Instead, these scientists secretly injected scores, if not hundreds of unknowing people with the material–just to see what happened. Many of these uninformed test subjects suffered adverse effects.


Meanwhile, the secret project continued to inflict an immeasurable amount of harm on everyone exposed to the dangerous material through the project. These effects were further studied by the project’s leadership.


Even more disturbing than the secret harm the project inflicted on its workers and the public, is the project’s ultimate objective.


The purpose of the secret project was to create a weapon capable of vaporizing an entire city in an instant.


Indeed, the scientists were successful in this secret project. The city-destroying devices they created was used to obliterate two metropolitan areas–killing approximately 200,000 civilians.


When the secret project was publicized, the scientists were heralded as heroes instead of denounced as mass murders. The harm done to their fellow citizens and project members was swept under the rug.


Is this story some kind of twisted horror cosmic from the fevered mind of a fiction writer?


No. This is the hidden history behind Christopher Nolan’s new film “Oppenheimer.”




Part One – Human Experimentation in the Radiological Weapons Group



Christopher Nolan’s new film #oppenheimer appears to humanize J. Robert Oppenheimer as an eclectic genius who was haunted by the profound consequences of the weapon he created.


However, another story lurks beneath #Oppenheimer. A secret story. One that saw Manhattan Project scientists conducting clandestine medical experiments on unwitting and innocent American citizens.


The true story is that, while the United State led the prosecution of Nazi war criminals, Manhattan Project scientists secretly injected American citizens with lethal doses of plutonium without the subjects’ knowledge or consent.


If the Manhattan Project was meant to protect America, why would its scientists be injecting American civilians with radioactive material?


Christopher Nolan describes “Oppenheimer” as “a horror film,” stating that the film will leave viewer contemplating dark and unsettling questions. The information in “The Truth About Oppenheimer” will leave you disgusted.







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