The Crucial Role of Vitamin D in Physical and Mental Health




Mercola | 30 October 2023


  • Vitamin D is a potent immunomodulator, influencing both your innate and adaptive immune responses. As such, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to health conditions such as osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer
  • Vitamin D is also crucial for the maintenance of healthy bones and nervous system function
  • Sun exposure is the primary source of vitamin D, and while sunburn needs to be avoided, this risk needs to be balanced with the need for vitamin D production
  • In the critically ill, vitamin D deficiency has been shown to increase infection and mortality rates, and is associated with longer hospital stays
  • Chinese researchers concluded that vitamin D status can predict your risk of death from COVID-19, as well as the severity of your symptoms in the acute phase. Having a vitamin D level lower than 36.04 ng/mL was predictive for death