The Coming Witch Hunt Against Anti-Vaxxers

by Bill Sardi | 26 March 2021

‘You see the mindless, frightened masses dutifully wearing face masks while walking their dog and not a human being within 100 yards, and while driving in their car alone.  And while shopping, if a face mask of another shopper droops below their nose they fearfully run to complain to the store manager.  Yet few people know of anyone who is reported to have died of COVID-19 personally.

Where I am headed with this report is to show where all this is going to end up – — blaming the unvaccinated for a predictable plague of death emanating from “imperfect vaccination” inherent in the RNA vaccines.  There is a reason why RNA vaccines have been rolled out first.’


The Coming Witch Hunt Against Anti-Vaxxers - LewRockwell


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