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United Nations – Lucis Trust (Lucifer Publishing) and their True Agendas

          Lucis Trust (aka Lucifer Publishing) based and created by on the writings of Alice Bailey. She’s a disciple of, and the successor of Helena Blavatsky, the founder of theosophy which is part of the New Age movement, and Luciferian worship. Alice Bailey started Lucifer Publishing in 1920 and in 1922 changed it to Lucis Trust. Today Lucis Trust shares an address that is in the same building as the UN in NYC.   866 UnitedRead More

We will not comply. Ni oubli, ni pardon.

          Pascal Najadi, the son of WEF co-founder Hussain Najadi, is calling for the arrests of Bill Gates, WHO leadership, the WEF, Klaus Schwab, Big Tech and Pfizer.     Source: https://twitter.com/i/status/1717978443747328129

The Rise of the Global Police State

      Mercola | 17 Octobetr 2023   The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals are not about sustainability. They’re tools to facilitate the implementation of a One World Government The term the globalist alliance uses to describe its network is a “global public-private partnership,” or G3P. The G3P is composed of most of the world’s governments, intergovernmental organizations, global corporations, major philanthropic foundations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society groups. Collectively, they are the “stakeholders” that are implementing theRead More

Sergey Lavrov Addresses the United Nations General Assembly – September 2023

      24 September 2023       Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov speaks at the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Topics include the current geopolitics crises in Ukraine, Serbia (Kosovo), the Middle East, and East Asia.   Subject matter includes the perceived global imbalance of Western representation and influence against an emerging multipolar world and the need for the UN to reform and reflect new geopolitical representation.     Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO7rE1N5Dd8

The Greatest History Never Told w/ Dr Jacob Nordangård

      Ivor Cummins | 24 June 2023     This evening at 7:30pm UK time we premiere the session I recorded recently in Stockholm with Dr. Jacob Nordangard, and it is packed with illustrations and clips to make it a docu-drama! It covers everything of importance: the geopolitical history of Rockefeller/Carnegie/Ford foundations, thru to the Rockefeller influential dominance in the 1940’s.  Their creation of League of Nations (soon to become the United Nations & WHO). The intrigue acceleratesRead More

Unsustainable: The UN’s Agenda For World Domination (2020)

          A Documentary by James Jaeger        Globalists in the Power Elite — working through the United Nations — are waging war against property rights, gun rights and capitalism in order to usher in a Marxist World Order. This war is known as “Agenda 21.”   Considered a “conspiracy theory” by the Mainstream Media and other apologists of globalization, the flagship term for Agenda 21 — “sustainable development” — crops up in thousands ofRead More

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