Jeff Brain: The Global Farmers Protest Will Be ‘Largest Push For Freedom In History’

  Amsterdam Rally 23/07/22   Bannons War Room | 15 July 2022  

‘Broad sense of frustration, anger, despair’: Dutch farmers protest against nitrogen cuts

  Sky News Australia | 10 July 2022       Netherlands Agricultural and Horticultural Organization’s Wytse Sonnema says there’s a broad sense of “frustration, anger, even despair” amongst farmers amid proposals for nitrogen reduction target plans. Farmers are protesting around the Netherlands over the government’s new policy which would see the country slash nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions by 50 per cent by 2030. “There’s a map now outlining nitrogen reduction targets of 50 per cent nationally, 70, upRead More

Dutch Uprising

  Amsterdan Rally 23/07/22   Dutch Farmers Protest Climate Policies They Say Could Drive Them Out of Business and Fuel Global Hunger Crisis       Source:           The situation in the Netherlands is becoming truly biblical. The civilians and farmers are waking up to realise that the government is not their best friend and they are uniting in their protest.         More then 30,000 farmers driving to Stroe in the middle ofRead More

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