Mass Formation

Mattias Desmet Discusses the Psychology of Totalitarianism

  Mercola | 5 July 2022     Professor Mattias Desmet, a Belgian psychologist with a master’s degree in statistics, gained worldwide recognition toward the end of 2021, when he presented the concept of “mass formation” as an explanation for the absurd and irrational behavior we were seeing with regard to the COVID pandemic and its countermeasures. Mass formation is a form of mass hypnosis that emerges when specific conditions are met, and almost always precede the rise of totalitarianRead More


  Mattias Desmet is recognized as the world’s leading expert on the theory of mass formation and is the author of Psychology of Totalitarianism. He is also a professor of clinical psychology in the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Ghent University (Belgium) and a practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapist. In this exclusive Plandemic 3 interview, filmmaker Mikki Willis explores this topic more in-depth to discover alarming parallels in the Covid-19 narrative and the totalitarian playbook, as well as time testedRead More

Dr Mattias Desmet, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Peter McCullough discuss Mass Formation Psychosis)

  Tommy’s Podcast | 4 January 2021  

Billions of People are affected by this & they don’t realise it

  A video based on a talk by Dr Robert Malone in which he touches on mass psychology and the corona crisis, and refers to the work by Prof Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University, Belgium.         Prof Mattias Desmet, who also has a masters degree in statistics, initially approached the “pandemic” through the eyes of a statistician.  He realised the Covid statistics were wrong and began noticing that the long-term costs of theRead More

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