Child Trafficking

‘Sound of Freedom’ – What is the movie really about?

    My Take on the Sound of Freedom Production   Amazing Polly | 15 July 2023       In this off-the-cuff audio I summarize just some red flags based on my prior research. (LINKS BELOW)   Branson/Zelensky Orphan ‘Rescue’ “Celebrity Frontmen for Global Trafficking”   Harley Pasternak / Kanye VIDEO:   Clintons Haiti Trafficking Laura Silsby:   Way Fair Questions – Showing MANY proven elite pedophile rings   SMOLLETT Chicago Child Trafficking: NXIVMRead More

Celebrity Frontmen For Global Trafficking

    Why was Richard Branson meeting with Ukraine president Zelensky?   Amazing Polly | 10 July 2022       Ukraine thousands of Unaccounted Children (BBC, 2022):   Pandora Papers re Ukraine / Zelensky:   Organized Crime Index Ukraine:   BBC article on baby thefts in Ukraine (2006):   Globe and Mail article baby thefts Ukraine (2009) (via ECLJ):   Eastern Europe’s Chamber of Horrors (Catholic Culture, 2007):   Expansion of Stem CellRead More

Be Wary of the Balenciaga Satanic Psyop

    Reese Report | 30 November 2022         Source:

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