Project Camelot | 7 April 2022





Article by Kerry Cassidy:

The info about Christopher Miller taking over as head of the military is correct… Patel Patriot in his Devolution series lays out a very clear path to how Trump has in essence been a gov in exile to allow the Biden/Pelosi crazies to do their worst in order to ‘show the people’ how diabolical those people are. Yes on Jan 21 2022 according to Juan O Savin… after 1 year of allowing the foreign takeover of the US gov to proceed, Trump and team legally, according the DOD manual based on the Geneva convention could take back our country by FORCE.  Of course Biden is played by actors and a clone.

Patel Patriot says that Pompeo and the Trump team have been meeting with governments and that any time Biden’s team (not all under Trump’s control) go overseas or act on certain orders Trump’s team reverses their moves…. It is significant that Russia is the first country to back their currency (the ruble) with Gold… this indicates they are on the new system and very possibly all countries will follow this…. 

The question s in terms of ethics how long once you have the truth do you withhold it from the people until you are actually becoming the enemy and can be seen as BACKING THE ENEMY and certainly aiding and supporting the enemy to do heinous acts against the people before you can be seen as the SAME AS THE ENEMY?  A year? A month? Two years?  Their reason is to “teach the people a lesson” supposedly and to wait until 80% or more of the American people realize the ‘fight for the right’ that Trump and team are fighting on our behalf… and to prevent “civil war”.  I’m sure Satan would be happy to have them on board no matter how long they continue the deception of the people under the guise of “teaching the people a LESSON”.

In other words it’s a slippery slope… how long before you act like the enemy, talk like the enemy, walk like the enemy before you become…the enemy?  A week, a month a year … 2 years?  And 2 can play this game. So what if the enemy knows you are doing this and ALLOW you to do this…for as long as a month, a year two years.. until at the end they resurface and take it all back?  Just questions worth asking.  Do the ends justify the means?

One can easily see that this would be seen as a numbers game.  Less people die if you pretend to “be the enemy” long enough to “show the people” who they are really backing… in essence the devil/satan… and then at a certain point turn tables and reveal to the people the truth… than if you came out not as the enemy but as the enemy of the enemy and told the people the truth from the beginning. So if less people die does that make this “play” OK?  Is that the only thing that matters in the fight against evil?  Are we computers where all that matters comes down to a numbers game?

I’m all for the white hats but one must decide at what point have you gone too far… At what point do you come forward and say ENOUGH…

NO MORE LIES… both sides are LYING TO THE PEOPLE… drop the facade.  Stand up like men and women and declare who you are and what you stand for.

Wait too long and one might wonder if you are actually more in love with the “mask of the enemy” than you are of FACING THE PEOPLE sans mask and TELLING THE TRUTH…..




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