Shocking Finding: Life Expectancy Continues to Plummet









Mercola |  2 March 2024


  • Provisional estimates and finalized reports reveal a significant decline in American life expectancy with young adults bearing the brunt of excess deaths
  • The gender life expectancy gap in the U.S. has reached its widest point since 1996, primarily driven by COVID-19 and the opioid crisis, highlighting systemic issues in health care and societal structures
  • Contrary to historical trends, the burden of death now falls disproportionately on young and working-aged Americans, prompting concerns about the underlying causes and the absence of a public health response
  • Amidst censorship and controversy, there’s a growing call for a thorough investigation into pandemic management, including lockdowns, treatment protocols and vaccine deployment, to understand the root causes of excess deaths
  • The need for a new approach to global health is underscored by the current crisis, with emphasis on addressing health disparities and reconnecting with consciousness, as advocated in my forthcoming book, “The Power of Choice”













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