RIP Janet Ossebaad



The researcher and creator of the documentary series The Fall Of The Cabal and its sequel Janet Ossebaad has passed.

Here is a moving tribute from her partner and co-producer Cyntha Koeter.





Janet Ossebaard Obituary, Missing Filmmaker known for “The Fall of the Cabal” is Dead


Janet Ossebaard, the acclaimed filmmaker and visionary behind the global awakening movement, committed herself after going missing for several weeks. The news of her passing has sent shockwaves through her fans and the wider community, leaving many in shock and despair.


The influence of Janet Ossebaard on the alternative media scene cannot be emphasized. She is best recognized for her trailblazing documentary series “The Fall of the Cabal,” which helped to spark the global Great Awakening. Her work intended to uncover supposed worldwide conspiracy ideas and expose what she considered to be concealed facts. She devoted six years to rigorous study, content development, and language outreach, gaining her a devoted following.


Despite the emotional and financial toll her goal imposed on her, Ossebaard worked relentlessly with her partner, working day and night to reach as many people as possible. Her dedication to awakening the masses remained unshakable, earning her a cult following among those who followed her work.


The circumstances of Ossebaard’s death compound the tragedy. She allegedly left her house with a note suggesting her intention to commit herself. According to sources, she had been suffering from severe emotional weariness for months as a result of the rigorous pace of her work and a sense of being emptied of vitality for life.


While the official reason of death is still unknown, reports strongly imply suicide. However, rumors have circulated, speculating on other scenarios such as her possible placement in Witness Protection or even allegations of foul play engineered by the cabal—an assertion fueled by the contentious nature of her work. At the moment, these rumors are unsubstantiated.


In the aftermath of this tragic loss, we consider Janet Ossebaard’s legacy. She was more than a filmmaker; she was a symbol of the global awakening movement. Her self-sacrifice for the cause of humanity, drive to expose hidden facts, and unwavering pursuit of awakening the masses will be remembered.


Ossebaard’s contributions to other projects, such as “Crop Circles: 2010 Update – The Wake Up Call,” go beyond “The Fall of the Cabal,” demonstrating the range of her impact in the alternative media sphere.


As we come to terms with Janet Ossebaard’s unexpected death, our hearts go out to her partner, family, and those who were inspired by her work. Her tremendous journey will live on in the hearts and minds of those she touched, and the torch she carried for global awakening will continue to shine even in her absence.


Hausa News, 24 December 2023

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