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We started this documentary over 15 years ago, for so many reasons. I have witnessed a great disconnect in not just western culture, but globally around touch and the power of our own healing technology. The human body is designed to be touched, to be released. We are born into the simulation then we are indoctrinated, then we identify with the simulation and all of its indoctrination and it forms the very reality then we experience, no, and are Deeply identified into the illusion of our constructed reality being all that is. What if that constructed reality was false and through systems of control, indoctrination, and toxification that was deeply compromising the divine vehicle we were created into in the simulation resulting in a mass psychosis of our experience here mentally, physically, and spiritually? Cut to over two years into a global plandemic lockdown based off the general ignorance and lack of non-indoctrinated institutionalized medicine, human beings are more fear based and alienated to touch, to connection, and our humanity than I ever could’ve imagined. We’re on the brink of a new age cosmologically, and that means a lot of change on the horizon. It was clear that the world needed this film now more than ever. Join us in the exploration into the power of the human mind, body, and spirit as we learn about the true power of humanity to heal thySelf all through the power of RELEASE.


We are honored to announce that RELEASE Part 1 will be premiering internationally March 2022, and Part 2 will be releasing globally this fall 2022. So think of this as our almost full feature length documentary on the power of touch and healing, and like the healing process is never finished! We just know we need to share this with humanity now, and sometimes one individual can truly open your eyes to greater Transpersonal awareness as they embody such deeply connected aspects of our humanity that connects us all. It’s seems we need to find that collective connection to our humanity now more than ever…




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