New World Order – Communism by Backdoor


Directed by Dennis Wise, this documentary proves beyond doubt that the western countries both “victorious and the defeated” after World War Two have been covertly under Communism since 1945.


Part 1: New World Order
Part 2: Occult Connections
Part 3: The Evil of Freemasonry
Part 4: The Music Business
Part 5: Infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church
Part 6: Satanic Britain
Part 7: The United Nations
Part 8: The Evil of Hollywood
Part 9: The War on Christianity
Part 10: Jewish World Dominion
Part 11: The Khazars / Greater Israel
Part 12: White Democide
Part 13: How Britain became Communist
Part 14: How America became Communist
Part 15: The Mystery Teachings
Part 16: Usury – Cancer of the World
Part 17: House of the Red Shield
Part 18: Secret Societies
Part 19: Slaves for Israel
Part 20: The Bankrupting of America
Part 21: Traitors for the New World Order


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