Matthew Lalor – An Artist’s Duty In Hard Times


Matthew Lalor is an Irish Russophile, singer/songwriter, interviewed here by Regis Tremblay


Tremregi | 12 November 2022





Matthew Lalor came to me at just the right time when things seemed dark and worrisome about the conflict in Ukraine, the attempt to dehumanize and depopulate us, and all of the dangerous things happening in our world. His music is soothing and inspirational and his story is interesting. He grew up in rural Ireland with a musical family. Their library was full of Russian authors likes Pushkin, Chekov, and Tolstoy. He’s been involved in activist movements in Ireland. He has also been involved in theater.








Some of Matthew Lalor’s music:


The Shining Wire

Sugar (don’t wake the emperor)

To Think I Never Told You

Heart of Stone





35 minutes of beautiful, relaxing music with Matthew Lalor


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