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Italygate investigator and Nations in Action co-founder Maria Zack is instrumental in exposing the Global Cabal. Here are her more recent must watch interviews.



The Right Side with Doug Billings | 29 September 2021

Maria Asked To ‘Set The Table’ While French Insider Meets First With World Leaders Before Public Disclosure *

– French Insider Wants To Follow Global Leadership Protocols Before Public Disclosure
– Not Asking Permission, Just Following Protocols
– Meeting World Leaders In Monaco This Week
– Has Also Reached Out To President Trump For Debriefing, If Desired
– Will Come Forward ASAP Regardless
– Maria Was Asked To ‘Set The Table’ Properly This Week Before The Interview
– Stay Tuned > It WILL Happen
– War Does Not Adhere To A Talk Show Schedule [Outcomes] Are More Important





The Right Side with Doug Billings | 23 September 2021

Elite French Insider With Top Level Intelligence Data Files Coming On Doug Billings Show Next Week To Expose The Global Cabal

– Exposing Election Fraud Now #1 Global Alliance Effort
– Maria Zack Was The First To Disclose Italian Defense Company ‘Leonardo’ As The Key Satellite Coordinator Of The 2020 Election Interference





A Warrior Calls with Christopher James | 6 September 2021


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