Lion Disclosure: The Vaccine Genocide Part 1-3


Total Disclosure | June 2021


‘A global communist regime where your freedom is not yours to take but for others to grant. This is war, and, most people don’t know it yet. Some people think World War III is supposed to be between the US and China, but what if, this is it? The third war is about the NWO trying to exterminate over 50% of the world’s population. The purpose is not invading countries or conquering land, it’s all about invading minds and conquering souls. This is a war between good and evil. So we are here to show you what some of you already suspect, but most of the sheeple ignore.

Genocide is often a taboo subject, and of course, the most immediate reminders are what happened in Nazi Germany and Marxist Russia. But if the rumors and testimonies about these experimental vaccines have any truth to them, we are in for a rude awakening. Every family in the world is likely to be affected by this crime. And so, to best understand what’s at stake here, we need to go over genocide. What is it? How does it start? How does it evolve? And, how far are we from the New World Order final solution?.

The Total Disclosure Network is 100% independent. I focus on exposing child sex trafficking, pedophilia, tyranny, high-profile murders, and secret societies. Any person who uses mind control, child rape, blackmail, and other crimes to pull the strings from the shadows is a target.’ – Alessandro du Chatel



‘Im not opposed to vaccines 100%, not to all of them at least. They have done some good things, and I realize most medicine is ambivalent, so it’s accepted and even demanded by the masses. But the “MNRA modifier” vaccine is up to no good and is riskier than anything we have seen on vaccines before. Im hoping I can make some valid points and convince some of the viewers who are in the middle to say no. This information can help save lives and must be shared open wide, worldwide. These are the 10 reasons why Im not taking the vaccine. ‘ – Alessandro du Chatel




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