Letter From 11 Vaccine-Injured Physicians Repeatedly Ignored By Government Agencies


27 October 2021


‘Eleven physicians who suffered severe life-changing adverse reactions after receiving COVID-19 vaccines recently sent a compelling letter to members of the Biden administration urging them to research the devastating injuries and risks resulting from the experimental shots. After being ignored by government agencies for ten months, their decision to go public and share their stories is driven by the desperate need for federal agencies, other doctors, and health experts to conduct thorough investigations into the actual dangers that exist when considering taking the jabs. They assert full transparency surrounding these clinical trial drugs must exist. 

The letter details the eye-opening sworn declarations of the physicians who suffered COVID-19 vaccine injuries. Like many others who have suffered harm after the vaccine, their injuries were—unbelievably—largely dismissed by fellow physicians. Astonishingly, the physicians were initially told their symptoms were psychological. It wasn’t until they sought treatment from practitioners they knew from either work or medical school that they were taken seriously.’ (UncoverDC)



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