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American Maoism

14 September 2023




The Left moves operationally and according to a battle logic known as “dialectical political warfare.” The dialectic is the operating system of the Left, and it works by marrying a truth to a lie. Political warfare is a method of conducting warfare in which political means are used with hostile intent to get an enemy to behave in a desired fashion—propaganda is a great example. Perhaps the greatest dialectical political warfare tactician in human history is the monstrous figure of Mao Zedong, Communist dictator of China until his death in 1976. His tactics and cultural revolution are a testament to the fearsome and destructive power of dialectical political warfare, and they’re happening here in America and throughout the West today. Where Mao claimed to be employing “Marxism-Leninism with Chinese characteristics” in China, the “Woke” and environmental “Sustainability” movements we face in the present should be described as “Maoist Marxism with American Characteristics.” In this lecture from Dr. James Lindsay of New Discourses, the parallels between our experience today and the tools utilized in China under Mao will be made so clear that the unavoidable conclusion will be that we are living through nothing less than American Maoism.





Reaction is the Real Action

28 September 2023




Leftist activism is happy to take direct wins whenever it can get them, but that’s not always possible. When it can’t get direct wins through the front door, it is also more than happy to get its wins through the back door by exploiting what we can call an action-reaction dynamic. As an act of dialectical political warfare, which is their battle logic, Leftist agitators will provoke a reaction, control the framing around that reaction to a watching audience, and use the reaction as justification to advance their cause. This strategy was articulated by Saul Alinsky as “your enemy’s reaction is your real action,” and it forms a backbone for a Leftist two-step of provoke, then advance. Currently, in the United States, recognizing the tremendous challenge conservative Christianity poses to any Marxist takeover of the country, a reactionary movement called “Christian Nationalism” is being repeatedly provoked in the hopes of being able to use that reaction to nullify any Christian resistance to the Woke takeover of the West. In this lecture from Dr. James Lindsay of New Discourses, the nature of the action-reaction dynamic as a tool of political warfare and the example of the setup of Christian Nationalism as a reaction to Woke provocation is laid bare. Listen for an important warning to the American church!





How to Stop a Cultural Revolution

15 December 2023




Leftism has a battle logic: dialectical political warfare. They have used it in the past and are using it now to launch a cultural revolution against the West. The question before us, since we find ourselves in the midst of one, is once one has started, is it possible to stop a cultural revolution, and if so, how? This is, in fact, the most pressing and important question in the world. In this lecture, Dr. James Lindsay of New Discourses begins to provide an answer. We can learn their battle logic and beat them, not by fighting the dialectic with the dialectic but by positioning our political counter-warfare so that it outmaneuvers the dialectic itself. By understanding how they’re attacking us, what their targets and operational goals are, and how to counter some of their most basic tactics, we can easily mount a counter-offensive that beats their game without falling into the traps laid for us along the way. Join Dr. Lindsay for a crash course in how to stop a cultural revolution!




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