Hydrogel Chemical Signatures in Unvaccinated Blood



SG Report | 1 August 2023




Dr. Ana Mihalcea joins me to present her research which I personally find horrifying. Ana presents her findings of unvaccinated blood with Darkfield Microscopy and her experiments with Clifford Carnicom on human blood finding hydrogel chemical signatures. She explain how the filaments are constructed, and how she discovered the self-assembly process in embalmed blood. We present this news and research in the public interest as the vax bioweapon genocide program coverup continues unabated as untold numbers of human beings around the world continue to die.


Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pK7CsWByZM53/





Humanuty United Now – Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD




EDTA Detoxification for Metals, Graphene and Hydrogel




In this interview we discuss EDTA studies, excellent safety profile, questions regarding renal dosing. We review the literature of benefits. EDTA for detoxification of metals, Graphene and Hydrogel is discussed. I show before and after live blood images that document clearance of the blood from the ribbon structures with EDTA IV Chelation.

Please see for yourself our review of this important molecule for detoxification purposes.


Source: https://tinyurl.com/nhh7zckd


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