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19 April 2022

‘Horrifying amount of information’ recovered from Biden laptop

Journalist and whistleblower Jack Maxey says he may have recovered “a horrifying amount of information” previously thought to have been erased from Hunter Biden’s laptop. One America’s John Hines has more from Washington.


Source: One America News Network




Remember this…

Joe Biden outright lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop and blamed it on Russia.



Tucker Roasts the Media for Covering for the Biden Family’s Corruption



Jesse Waters shows some of the images on the laptop



Peter Schweizer / Bill Barr / Glenn Beck

Source: And We Know



During a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Oversight of the FBI’s Cyber Division, Congressman Matt Gaetz submits the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop to the official record | 29 March 2022




Mike Trimarco responds to claims from Jack Maxey he stole a copy of hunter bidens laptop and gave to tore | 29 March 2022

Source: Steel Truth Media



Miranda Devine, the author of “LAPTOP FROM HELL” explains why the entire media is now reporting on Hunter Biden | 31 March 2022




Levin: This is what the ‘Biden crime family’ did | 4 April 2022




Alexandra Bruce interview on Hunter Biden Laptop here





Hunter Biden Laptop text messages

Over 10,000 in 713 conversations. Each in their own PDF and numbered chronologically.



Here is the entire content in a single pdf file:


Biden Laptop Text






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