Harley Schlanger: How to Defeat the Great Reset, the Green New Deal, and the Criminal Cabal Trying to Impose Them


Harley Schlanger Daily Update | 21 July 2021


‘To win this fight, citizens of all nations must give up the mentality of victims, and get rid of the belief that those oppressing mankind are all-powerful!  The Great Reset and the Green New Deal can be defeated, provided we bring the U.S. into an alliance with other sovereign nations which oppose them, starting with Russia and China.  To those of you who fought against the regime change operation against President Trump — the same networks of the British and U.S. “Deep State” which ran Russiagate are behind the smears and attacks on Putin and Xi!  Don’t fall for their divide-and-conquer psy-ops!’



The International Schiller Institute




SGT Report | 23 July 2021


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