Dr Robert Malone Full-Length Interview with Joe Rogan


31 December 2021


Revealing the truth about COVID-19 and medical fraud

Dr Robert Malone‘s Twitter account was suspended on 29 December after he posted COVID Care Alliance video on COVID vaccines and another post about the WEF. He says Thompson-Reuters is the fact checker of choice of Twitter and they are in turn tied to Pfizer. This in part decides what is allowed to be discussed on Twitter.

He describes a trial he has helped design using femotidine and celecoxib to treat SARS-CoV-2, but FDA would not allow an ivermectin in the study despite positive data. He further describes the involvement of Rick Bright and Janet Woodcock in preventing the use of hydroxychloroquine & ivermectin in the treatment of COVID. The Chinese protocols he received in February 2020 included hydroxychloroquine.

Dr Malone also discusses myocarditis in boys as well as concerns around fertility post vaccination. He says that the vaccine efficacy appears to be waning and that we are administering a mismatched vaccine and driving the B and T memory cells towards a virus which no longer exists.



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