Dr. McCullough: “On a Clear and Convincing Basis, the Vaccines Are Causing Death”


15 April 2022



Dr. Peter McCullough Uses the Bradford Hill Tenants of Causality to Determine the Vaccine’s Relationship to Death

1.) Is it a big signal? Yes. 12,000 U.S. VAERS deaths.

2.) Is it biologically plausible? Yes. Spike protein is lethal.

3.) Is it temporally related? Yes. 80% of the deaths are within a week; 50% are within two days.

4a.) Is it internally consistent? Yes.

4b.) Is it externally consistent? Yes.

5.) Have randomized trials confirmed this? Yes, but only one of large scale has been done (Pfizer’s own trial). There were more deaths in the vaccinated group than in the placebo group.

“The Bradford Hill Tenants of Causality have been fulfilled. On a more probable than not basis, and I would probably upgrade that to on a clear and convincing basis, the vaccines are causing death.”



Watch the full video here

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