Dr Kevin Stillwagon warns of damages caused by COVID jab



18 December 2022




“The effects of this shot are cumulative. So my advice is to never ever get one of these shots again. And if you did get one, get your D-Dimer levels checked for microclotting and troponin checked for myocarditis. These problems could be asymptomatic and result in chronic disease or death in two to five years if you don’t do something about it.”


Source: https://rumble.com/v20ljrg-five-reasons-why-some-people-get-adverse-reactions-and-others-do-not.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=3






Myocarditis from Covid Shots

Why this differs from viral infections

by Dr Kevin Stillwagon


It is important to know that many viral infections can result in mild myocarditis, even the flu. It is mild because the immune system will react to and destroy a few myocardial cells that are replicating the virus. This is done by natural killer cells and activated T-cells. It is very precise and clean and does not result in huge amounts of inflammation, nor does it destroy normal myocardial cells nearby. These cases will resolve to normal homeostasis.


With the spike proteins created by the shot, we have something totally different. The potential exists for billions of spike proteins to be produced, many many more than what you see in a normal viral infection. How many spikes are made in a person is highly variable for many reasons, and this is why myocarditis won’t happen to everyone who gets the shot.


The key is, the first shot results in antibodies against the spike and the memory to remake the antibodies. These antibodies and the memory to remake them are there so that with another infection, they will react to the spike protein on the virus and prevent it from getting into other cells and replicating.


The problem is, the shot is inducing the cells of the body to make billions of spike proteins all over again. The message to make them is HIDDEN inside of lipid nanoparticles that the immune system cannot see. The antibodies can’t stop this production from happening, they can only react to them after they are made. In a natural infection, the immune system can see the spikes on the virus and react before more viruses are made, that is the difference. So, when the immune system sees billions of these things being made again, which should not be happening, the complement cascade can be activated to aggressively attack cells that are making the spikes or have them attached. This is what is causing the infiltration of white blood cells into the myocardium, resulting in inflammation, swelling, ectopic foci and disruption of normal electrical activity. The complement cascade also uses a cell membrane attacking system involving cytokines that will destroy normal cells nearby. It is very aggressive, not precise and clean as before in a natural infection. This complement cascade can happen after second shots or booster shots. Sadly it can also happen after the first shot in people who already had a natural infection because they have that antibody memory.



Source: https://drkevinstillwagon.substack.com/p/myocarditis-from-covid-shots

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